Meet Part II of the 2015-2016 Alumni Fund Telephone Campaign Telethon Team

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is excited to introduce you to  Part II of the 2015-2016 Alumni Fund Telephone Campaign Telethon Team!

Meet Rini Bandyopadhyay – “My name is Rini Bandyopadhyay and I am a current degree student in MSc Control of Infectious Diseases. I am an infectious diseases physician from India. Apart from being passionate about my field of work, I enjoy music, art & literature. My hobbies include reading, painting, gardening & travelling.

Being a part of the School’s Telethon Campaign gives me the opportunity to be a part of the School’s community & contribute towards its vision of bringing scientific training and research opportunities to scientists and academicians in the field of infectious diseases and public health thereby facilitating research, education and dissemination of knowledge across the world.”

Meet Leslie Choi – “Hi, my name is Leslie and I am studying MSc Medical Parasitology at the School. I chose to complete this masters as I really love parasites and I am looking to pursue a career in research. I came straight out of a BSc Biology at University of Nottingham. In my spare time, I play the piano and viola. My favourite sports to watch are football, rugby and tennis and I play basketball. I chose to join the campaign primarily because it is supporting a good cause and it offers me the opportunity to get in touch with alumni at the School.”

Meet Sam Cowan – “Hi. I am Sam Cowan, a Masters student on the health promotion stream of the Public Health masters course. For the last 15 years, complementary therapies and yoga have been a big part of my life. Through my immersions in these disciplines, I knew deeply that the roots of many health complaints lay in lifestyle factors. When I took an online course in global health (where I first came across the term NCD), I decided that preventing lifestyle-caused disease is something I feel passionately about. My main interest lies within promoting good nutrition, exercise, positive psychology and workplace health.

I feel honoured to be a part of the School and wanted to be part of the alumni campaign firstly, because I enjoy talking to people to find out about their experiences. Secondly, I can think of nothing more valuable to do than to save and enhance life – which is essentially what the donation money will be doing – either through educating future health leaders or by contributing towards valuable research. I shall look forward to chatting with some of you over the next few weeks.”

Meet Eliot Hurn “My name is Eliot Hurn and I am a Medical Entomology for Disease Control student. I wanted to be a part of the campaign because education should not be out of reach because of money. Anybody who is capable to come to the School should be able to. I know that I would not have been able to go to the School without the financial assistance I get and I wanted to give something back to the school.”

Meet Maxwell Onassis-Fiadjoe – “My name is Maxwell Onassis-Fiadjoe and I am a 36 year old practicing medical doctor for nine years now from Ghana, with further studies in stress disorder management, sleep disorder management, sexual disorder management and multi-behaviour therapy. Currently on the MSc CID (Control of Infectious Diseases) programme with academic interest in the control of malaria as well as HIV/AIDS and other STIs, health economics (economic analysis for health policy), ethics, human rights and public health and applied public health principles in developing countries. This campaign offers me the unique opportunity to connect and share with alumni whilst tapping into their rich experience and counsel, especially concerning post study future ambitions. Personal interests are counselling, research, football, scrabble and lawn tennis.”

Meet Katie Patterson – “My name is Katie Patterson, I am 22 and I am a Medical Entomology for Disease Control (MEDiC) student at the School. My areas of interest are vector control, epidemiology and control of malaria and the biology of disease vectors. As a student at the School, I am highly interested in our research and the career trajectories of our alumni.  Much of the research taking place here aims to improve the standard and quality of life of communities associated with high disease burdens and poor infrastructure. Donations made in this campaign would not only have considerable mileage overseas, but the donators could hold themselves personally accountable for saving lives. Furthermore, I am keen to branch into the School’s community, learning about past experiences, career development and speaking with those who share my passion. This is my impetus to join the team.”

Meet Zwesty Rimba – “My name is Zwesty Rimba from Indonesia. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to study at the School, particularly in the MSc Health Policy, Planning, and Financing. It is a great course and I enjoy it so much. Currently, I am one of the Alumni Telephone Campaign Callers because I am supporting the school to give more scholarships to enable people to access education just like me and to enjoy a high quality education just like I do now. It is also nice to speak with former students about what they are doing now with their degree and who knows, we could end up working together in the future!”

Meet Raji Thannivila Rajan – “My name is Raji Thannivila Rajan and I am a MSc Medical Microbiology student. My main interest, which I have recently become passionate towards, is baking. I believe baking is a big stress reliever. Being a student, stress comes around quite intensely. And when you are stressed, we eat ice-cream, cake, chocolate and sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS and to burn off the calories, I have recently joined the gym. My aim is to at least to workout 3-4 times a week.

I joined the campaign to talk to the alumni and find out what they have been up to since leaving the School. As from their experiences and advice, maybe I would be able to follow their footsteps. Another big reason is that I myself received a scholarship for my study, therefore, I would say it is my responsibility to fundraise for the prospective students and for the school for its teaching/research facilities. I hope by participating for this telephone campaign, as a whole, we can raise enough funds to build the next generation of talented student’s future.”

Meet Priscilla Tiigah – “My name is Priscilla Tiigah. I have a background in International Development which in addition to overseas experience in Ghana where my family is from, made me interested in the field of global health. I wanted to get involved in the campaign this year because I thought it would be a great opportunity to communicate with alumni, hear about their experiences at the university and their current jobs – and also a way to help alumni help the university through the campaign.”

Meet Sarah Weston – “My name is Sarah Weston and I am a MSc Reproductive and Sexual Health Research student. I am an intercalating medical student from University of Leicester, meaning I took a gap year in the middle of my studies to come here. I like talking a lot and was interested to find out what our alumni are doing so this seemed like a pretty cool job. This is a really worthy cause and it feels good to know you are helping provide other students the opportunity to share such an amazing place with you.”

Once again, the Telethon Team will be calling alumni across the globe in the upcoming weeks to share the latest news from the School and exchange experiences and memories, as well as request support for the “Bricks and Mortarboards” appeal that will directly benefit the future of the students and the School.

The Alumni Fund is a great opportunity for the alumni community to make a direct impact on the work that the School does – and we need your support now more than ever.

Join us as we continue to build a future for brilliant health leaders and implement new projects and research.

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