Images of the School’s alumni community around the world

The 2016 Alumni Photography competition received over 60 entries. The quality of entries was extremely high and the fantastic images reflected the diversity of the School’s alumni community around the world.

MSc Tropical Medicine and International Health alumnus Dr Mark Foulerton was this year’s winning with his stunning photo “Casting the Net” (above).

MAedes albopictus in Kinshasa zoo by Seth Irishark says; “it was taken on Kilifi Creek – about an hour north of Mombasa. I was doing my MSc research project, following up long term disability in children who had previously had cerebral malaria. It was a beautiful location and we used to swim across the creek each morning. We were fortunate to borrow some kayaks from a colleague and saw this local fisherman casting his net as we passed.”

Other highlights include:

“Aedes albopictus bloodfeeding on the photographer in the Kinshasa zoo in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Dr Seth Irish (top right).

Community Health workers“A community health improvement worker on outreach to the river communities of Ibeju-Lekki, the least developed area of Lagos state, Nigeria” by Dr Kofoworola Itanola Rotimi (left).

“Images depict vision testing in rural areas in India” by Dr Dr Srinivas Marmamula (bottom right). “Impairment and other systemic comorbidities are likely to rise in developing countries due to aging populations, posing a challenge to the public health systems. Efforts are needed to ensure healthy aging in these communities” says  Dr Marmamula.Vision testing in rural India

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s competition. We will feature a range of entries in the next issue of the alumni magazine and will display selected images around the School to showcase the inspiring work of our amazing alumni community.

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  1. Frankie

    It was a nice competition,.
    It shows the wealth the alumni has.
    Kudos to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!