Short course: “Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy”

Epidemiological research has become an important tool in assessing vaccine protection. Although there are several courses specialising in vaccinology, there remains a gap in teaching about advanced epidemiological tools for vaccine evaluation. This course fills that gap, providing an in-depth training on current methods used in the evaluation of vaccine efficiency, safety and policy. It aims to address immunisation issues in high, middle and low income countries.

“Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy” short course will be held 4 – 15 July 2016.

The course is relevant to public health professionals and field researchers with a strong interest in vaccine efficacy, safety and policy impact. Although this course focuses on human diseases, the same concepts apply to animal diseases.

Topics to be covered will include: epidemiological principles of vaccine evaluation; immunological basis for vaccination; pre- and post-licensure epidemiological issues; infectious disease modelling in assessing vaccine impact; economic evaluation of vaccination programmes; key issues in vaccination schedules and policy; and long term implications of vaccination programmes.

For more information about the course and how to apply, please click here.

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