Alumni Profile: Kavita Chauhan

Public Health Foundation of India Programme Manager and MSc Public Health (Health Promotion) alumna, Kavita Chauhan reflected on her experience of being a student at the School, her proudest moment to date and her aspirations for the future.

“Life at LSHTM was very busy”, she told us “with stimulating lectures, collaborative assignments and interactive tutorials. However, there [was] a balance between academic and social activities with high-level support from the School and students.”

Kavita studied at the School in 2008, during that time she not only dedicated herself to her studies, but she got involved in extracurricular activities by joining the School choir. She explained that being part of the choir gave her a sense of belonging, she was able to identify and engender a positive sense of a global community. Kavita went on to explicitly express the ways in which she found her Master’s programme beneficial. “It enhanced my understanding of theories and approaches in various streams of public health. The interactions with other students and discussions during tutorials helped in contextualising the concepts learned.” In addition it  helped her to build the confidence to manage complex public health challenges that she would later face outside of the classroom.

During her time at the School, she built meaningful friendships with people across the globe. “I have friends in almost all parts of the world and we collaborate professionally. These relationships are personally and professionally fulfilling.”

She succinctly summarised her proudest moment to date and her aspirations for the future. “I recently co-edited a book on Innovations in Family Planning: Case Studies from India (Sage Publications). This is a significant milestone in my work journey. I aim to do further research in the area of health communications and use of various creative mediums to enable lasting behaviour change.”

Kavita told us that she felt proud to be part of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The School “offers a unique opportunity to soak in an international [and] enriching learning environment. [It] is a leader in Public Health with excellent resources, faculty and student profiles.”

Her closing advice for students of the School was “learning is a lifelong process; it is important to make the most of this opportunity and to be ambassadors of this great institution.”

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