Alumni Profile: Shweta Verma

DSC12293-minShweta Verma, PGDip Public Health alumna and Regional Program Specialist (Health) of Asia and Africa for Children International, told us about her experience of studying by distance learning with the School, and her career ambitions for the future.

Shweta chose to study a PGDip Public Health with the School to strengthen her public health expertise and to gain global experience. “The education system of the UK is slightly different [to] the one in India as the focus is more on practical application vis-à-vis theoretical understanding.” She explained how her studies at the School have helped her tremendously in her career, both in terms of having a global understanding of public health and applying her acquired knowledge to her work.

Whilst studying with the School, Shweta formed valuable friendships. She expressed that the alumni network was a great resource, as it provided her with a variety of people that she could connect with at the School.

The proudest moment of her career occurred when she was working on a bilateral public health program, the work that she was involved in had a great impact on reducing the total fertility rate of one of the most populous states in India.

Her professional and educational experiences have inspired her to continuously develop as a public health specialist. One ambition she has for the future is to get involved in public health policy making.

In closing, we asked Shweta what advice she would give to current students. Her parting words were: “Application of concepts is the key and do your assignments on time.”

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