Dr Eduardo Simoes hosts Careers Q&A Session

At the beginning of Octoberfeature-image, we were delighted to receive a visit from Dr Eduardo Simoes who studied MSc Community Health in Developing Countries (now MSc Public Health for Development) at the School in 1986. Prior to studying at LSHTM, Eduardo had planned to pursue a career as a cardiologist. However, after being exposed to poverty in Brazil he revaluated his decision, eventually deciding to follow a career in public health. Eduardo told us that in his opinion “LSHTM is the best school of public health in the world” and that he arrived to study here “through serendipity and design”.

Eduardo had not been back to the School for 30 years, so it was great for him to see the changes that had been made. During his visit he hosted a Careers Q&A Session for current students, where he talked about his exciting career in public health, including his nearly 30 years’ experience of working with organizations such as WHO and World Bank as well as working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Eduardo provided lots of advice to students on working in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profits, career opportunities at the CDC and WHO, and the difference between applying for a job and a PhD.

Eduardo advised simage-1tudents that “public health is a growing field, health and medicine is evolving” and in developing their careers they needed to decide whether they wanted to generalise or specialise. He reassured them that their masters coupled with their background prior to the masters would help them in the field.

In addition to the careers talk, Eduardo was given a tour of the School by members of the Alumni Office, where he was able to learn about the history of the building and see how it had been refurbished. Eduardo also visited a few academics that he had met when he was a student here, an experience that he told us was “priceless”.

Eduardo ended his visit by stopping by the John Snow pub with Dr Paul Fine and other LSHTM students, and he hopes his next visit to the School will be sooner than 30 years. We hope so too!

Dr Eduardo Simoes, MD, MSc, MPH, Dip (LSHTM) is Chair of Health Management and Informatics at the University of Missouri. He has worked for organisations such as the Centre for Disease Control and the Missouri Department of Health, and has won many awards for his contributions to public health.

We enjoy having alumni come to visit us at the School, so if you are in London and would like to stop by, please drop us an email to let us know you are coming.

We look forward to seeing you!

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