Lancet commissioned expert Wilbert Bannenberg visits the School after 31 years

Dr Wilbert Bannenberg, MSc Community Medicine in Developing Countries (1985) was in London on 8 November to participate in an event at the School. As Wilbert was going to be in town, he got in touch with the Alumni Office beforehand to arrange a visit.

Wilbert flew in to London, from the Netherlands to attend the Lancet Commission on Essential Medicines Policies; he formed part of a group of 21 independent experts from a variety of disciplines commissioned by the Lancet to generate the report some 30 years after the Nairobi Conference on the Rational Use of Drugs. Wilbert told us “my thesis was on this area and it took two years of work to get to this event”.

Wilbert had not been at the School for 31 years, although he had managed to reunite with eighty percent of his cohort 25 years earlier in a virtual reunion.

Wilbert was given a tour of the School by the alumni team, which allowed him to see the changes that had been made to the north and south courtyard, as well as areas that remained relatively the same, such as the library. Wilbert shared the memories he had of studying at the School and the professors that he remembered from his time here, which included Professor Dame Anne Mills, Professor Paul Fine and Professor Godfrey Walker.

It was great to see Wilbert after such a long time and we hope to welcome him back to the School soon!

Wilbert is a Public Health Consultant at Health Research for Action, he has formerly held posts at Medicines Transparency Alliance and the HERA Foundation.

We enjoy having alumni come to visit us at the School, so if you are in London and would like to stop by, please drop us an email to let us know you are coming.

We look forward to seeing you!

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