Telephone Campaign 2017: Meet our student callers

After a weekend of training, our Alumni Fund Telephone Fundraising Campaign started yesterday! We interviewed some of our student callers to find out why they chose to participate in the telephone campaign.


Lovishka Babajee, studying MSc Nutrition for Global Health, from Mauritus: Before I joined the school, I spent a few years in South Africa, where I qualified as a dietitian. I have always been very passionate about nutrition and helping others. My areas of interest are research and maternal and child health and nutrition. Seeing that I am at the very beginning of my career, learning about what the school’s alumni have achieved and are achieving always motivates me to do my best at what I am currently doing. I thought being part of this campaign would give me the opportunity to hear from the alumni and to be part of a good cause: raising funds for students who deserve a chance to be at the school and for research purposes. In my leisure time, I enjoy travelling and putting into practice my culinary skills.

Bethany Dus, studying MSc in Public Health, from the United States: I was interested in being a part of the telephone campaign because I always enjoy getting the chance to speak with alumni from my universities, and chatting about our shared experiences. Outside of my studies I like to find time to dive into creative hobbies. When I have studio space, making pottery is one of my favorite ways to spend time. 

Ciara Hogan, studying Nutrition for Global Health, from Ireland: I wanted to be part of the telephone campaign because I think it’s important to help raise essential funds for the school so it can continue to do great work it does. Working with fellow students studying at LSHTM will be a nice chance to get to know more faces and I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to know others who have studied at the school and hear about their experiences since! When I’m not studying I tend to try out new things so at the moment I’m enjoying AcroYoga, but my original sport is swimming and during my undergrad I really got into climbing. In my more relaxed free time I like to bake and watch foreign films.

Amy Ibrahimstudying MSc Medical Parasitology, from Birmingham, UK: I want to take part in the telephone campaign because whilst studying at the school and also applying for PhDs I have become increasingly aware of the importance of grants and scholarships. I would like to contribute to LSHTM as I am extremely enjoying my time here and what better way than trying to obtain more funding for the school! I am also interested in hearing what alumni from the school are currently doing. In my spare time I like to listen to music, going to gigs and music festivals. I also enjoy travelling and baking!

Meghana Kotikalapudistudying MSc Public Health: I’m a medical student from Newcastle University. I enjoy painting, reading books and weight lifting. I chose to join the campaign because it is supporting a good cause and it offers me the opportunity to get in touch with LSHTM alumni.

Anna Kramerstudying Reproductive and Sexual Health Research, from the north east of Scotland: I lived in Edinburgh before moving down to London; I was interested in being a part of the telephone campaign as I am keen to learn about the careers of previous students and where studying at the school can take you. I also think that scholarships funded via donation are a really worthwhile cause and allows many people the opportunity to study at the school that would not otherwise be able to. Outside of my studies, I’ve been taking time to explore London and I’m also a big foodie so enjoy cooking, and spending time with friends

Sinyee Ng, studying MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing: I worked as a pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia prior to studying at the School. My personal interests are diverse from reading books to outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and running. I feel honoured to be given the chance to contribute something to the school which has done numerous impactful projects around the world, particularly in Zika and Ebola which led to the award THE University of the Year 2016. Therefore, I want to be a part of this campaign because there is evidence that the money raised would be put to good use.

Luke Parkes, studying MSc Reproductive and Sexual Health Research, from Norwich, UK: I wanted to be part of the alumni telephone campaign for a number of reasons. Firstly, LSHTM has a lot of notable alumni and this campaign would mean that I would be interacting with a lot of LSHTM alumni which would be a privilege. Secondly, I have experience in working in telephone campaigns and feel like I would do well in this job. Lastly, this job allows me to earn some money which will take some pressure off my finances. I like to keep myself busy and I really enjoy exploring. I really enjoying living in London and exploring all that it has to offer. I also enjoy keeping fit and hope to run a half marathon later this year. I am a big foodie so I enjoy trying out new food and I also like to bake when I have the time.

Rachel Pearsonstudying MSc Medical Statistic, from Bath, UK: I wanted to join the telephone campaign to help raise money for scholarships so that more people will have the opportunity to study at this exceptional institution. I studied my undergrad degree in Maths in Bath; outside of my studies I like to go bouldering, running and sampling the street food stalls of London.

Nadia Salimstudying MSc in Public Health, from Trindad and Tobago: I think everyone deserves the opportunity to further their studies, however not everyone is given that opportunity and usually the reason is not from a lack of ability but from a lack of financial resources. The LSHTM scholarship fund helps to ensure that great scholars are not hidden away from the world. I also, think it would be quite enlightening to converse with past students about life after an MSc, as that will be my fate in less than a year.

Poppy Simonson, studying Control of Infectious Diseases: I’m a final year vet student intercalating from Bristol University, so I have a particular interest in zoonoses and vector-borne diseases. I was keen to participate in the telephone campaign as I hope it will give me the opportunity to hear interesting stories from the alumni about their careers since leaving the School, and I’d like to help give something back to the School in return for such a brilliant year. I try to use my spare time when I’m not studying to travel and explore London as much as possible.

Pippa Williams, studying MSc Public Health: My background is in social anthropology and previous to this course I was working for a global health organisation which focused on health system strengthening. My main interests are in looking at the social determinants of health and corresponding inequalities in NCD prevention and care. The main reason for joining the alumni campaign was that it gives others an opportunity to study here, who might otherwise have barriers, and also a great way to talk to some past alumni.  Outside of the course I’m often seen cycling around and also play for a women’s hockey team in East London!


Meet the rest of the team:

Sophie Belfield – Studying MSc Global Mental Health

Maria Calderon – Studying MSc Tropical Medicine and International Health

Munira Elmi – Studying MSc Control of Infectious Diseases

Jessica Esufali – Studying MSc Public Health

Elizabeth Goeke – Studying MSc Public Health

Sara-Jane Gutierrez – Studying MSc Public Health

Ayda Haile-Redai – Studying MSc Control of Infectious Diseases

Diogo Martins – Studying MSc Public Health

Tosin Danmole – Studying Msc Global Mental Health

Justine Khan – Studying MSc Reproductive and Sexual Health Research

Charles Koduah – Studying MSc Public Health for Eye Care

Sandra Mboweni – Studying MSc Epidemiology

Gergana Manolova – Studying MSc Global Mental Health

Theo Mbah – Studying MSc Health Policy, Planning and Finance

Katie Pope – Studying MSc Public Health

Ajay Rangaraj – Studying MSc Public Health

Leah Soweid – Studying MSc Public Health

Heather Thomas – Studying Tropical Medicine and International Health

Sarah Wickstead – Studying MSc Public Health

Our team of 32 dedicated student callers will be ringing alumni from all around the world to update you on the latest School news, exchange experiences of your time at the School, and invite you to support the School by making a gift to the Alumni Fund.

If you would like make a gift to support future public health leaders, you can do so here.

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