Scholarships at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Here at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine we pride ourselves on our diverse and rich student body. Our students come from all over the world and we want to ensure that we continue to attract the best and the brightest, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

We offer a vast number of postgraduate courses from that cover a range of areas in public and global health. With the high cost of tuition fees and living expenses, it can be difficult for some of our students to manage the financial strain of studying with us, and post-Brexit, there will be all sorts of economic uncertainties. We do not want anyone to be discouraged from applying to the School because they are worried about costs. This is where scholarships come in.

We have numerous scholarships that prospective students can apply to. Scholarships are a wonderful way of providing immediate financial security and long-term benefit to our students. In turn, our students benefit the School and society as a whole.

We want to continue to maintain and build our diverse student body. Students learn from each other, they all come from a range of different backgrounds and experiences, and are able to translate what they learn from their peers into practise.

One student has said that without a scholarship they would “never have been able to study at the School and learn from the most experienced scientists in the world. In developing countries, people working public health in low and middle-income countries are not usually able to afford the costs to study at such a prestigious university”.

With the financial ‘safety net’ that scholarships provide our students can focus on excelling and making an impact in their study areas. They can go on to become leaders in their fields and help tackle the challenges in public and global health.

A contribution towards scholarships support is invaluable to our students. Help us to ensure that we can give the most talented and capable students access to a world-class postgraduate education regardless of their economic status. Every gift counts and can help us change and impact lives.

There are various ways to give, please visit the following links to support our scholarships today:

Written by Klea Isufi.

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