“Let’s Face It” – 2017 Alumni Photo Competition Results

The 2017 Alumni Photo Competition with the theme “Let’s Face It” closed at the end of May. We received over 40 entries that highlighted the variety of experiences our alumni encounter on a daily basis. The quality of entries was excellent and we are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (DTMH) alumnus (2016), Dr Alexander Kumar with his striking image “Love in the time of Zika”.

UntitledAlexander said: “Love in the time of Zika – where there is love, there is hope. I took this image while on a research visit to a neurological rehabilitation centre in North East Brazil. Loving mother Anacarla cradles her baby boy Jose-davi affected by Zika-microcephaly. The true burden of the cognitive impairment associated with Zika-microcephaly is still yet unknown and will challenge Brazil’s public health system requiring a multidisciplinary effort to overcome these challenges. A colouring book with Peter Pan on its cover sits in the foreground.”


IMG_4991 MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases alumna (2016), Katina Zeligman-Sommers is our first runner up with her photo entitled “Facing Trachoma”. Katina said: “This young girl takes part in the daily washing routine, common before leaving the compound, in rural Ethiopia. In this region of Oromia trachoma prevalence rates are upwards of 40% in children aged 1-9 years”.



Version 2DTMH alumnus (2006), Dr Dan Wiklund is our second runner up for one of his images entered in a series entitled “Faces of NGO Medical Work”. Dan said “[we’ve worked] in 150 countries since 1985 and [we] just finished our 20th medical outreach in Cameroon where over those years we have seen in this single country over 100,000 patients; pulled nearly 15,000 decayed, painful teeth; dispensed over 16,000 glasses; performed some 500 surgeries; and, hopefully saved from death hundreds of children from Malaria, Onchocerciasis, Leishmaniasis, Typhoid and innumerable other infectious diseases. No research yet has evaluated the benefit of non-governmental organizations impact on global health. Every year thousands of NGO’s are doing work in hundreds of countries”.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s photo competition. The winning entry will feature on the front cover of this year’s alumni magazine. We will also be using other entries in School publications and other materials to showcase the inspiring work of our alumni community.

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