Apply for the Study UK Alumni Awards 2017-18

The Study UK Alumni Awards 2017-18 are now open for applications!

As alumni of the School, who have gone on make a difference in your communities, professions and countries, we encourage you to apply.

The Alumni Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of alumni and showcase the impact and value of a UK higher education.

The benefits of applying for an Alumni Award are far reaching. You will raise your profile, extend your professional networks, and share your success with the world.

The awards operate on three levels: national, regional and global awards. There are three award categories at each award level: the Professional Achievement Award, the Entrepreneurial Award and the Social Impact Award.

We are very proud to have had alumni win the Social Impact Award three years in a row.

Dr Pablo Manrique won the Social Impact Award in 2017 for his research in developing innovative interventions and improving methods of controlling mosquitoes to eradicate the transmission of dengue, chikungunya and Zika.

Dr Patricia Mechael won the Social Impact Award in 2016 for her research on mobile phones in health.

Dr Rajesh Babu won the Social Impact Award in 2015 for his contribution to eye health and public health in India.

For more information on the eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the British Council website. Applications close on 16 October 2017.

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