LSHTM Alumnus opens Dominican Republic’s first Institute for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Dr Robert Paulino graduated from LSHTM in 2014 after studying his Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, with the aim of returning to the Dominican Republic to put his researchPaulino Lab 2 into practice. He was keen to set up his own virology lab but the country lacked the necessary infrastructure and equipment needed to do so.

Dr Paulino in partnership with the Universidad Iberoamericana and non-profit Seeding Labs, who provide equipment to new labs in countries around the world, created the Instituto de Medicina Tropical & Salud Global. The first lab of its kind in the Dominican Republic. Equipped with the technology to sustain his scientific research and kick-start the country’s education into tropical disease.

Dr Paulino works both as the Director of the Institute and as a Physician specialising in Infectious Diseases, his days are a mixture of clinical research and teaching, alongside his duties directing the Institute. He reflects fondly on his time at LSHTM, with the school being his top choice for an education into health and public policy. To him “LSHTM is the best school in the Molecular Bio Labworld”, with “faculties, programs and infrastructure that are unique, surrounded by the mystique of good science and the name of the fathers and mothers of Tropical Medicine in the world”. His best moments at LSHTM reflect the diverse nature of the student and staff body, the experience of classmates from all around the globe gave him the “comprehension of diseases and how they are managed in different settings”.

His advice to current students is to take advantage of all that LSHTM offers, as LSHTM continues “to be the best place in the world to learn Public health with a global perspective, with the best faculties and comprehensive program in magic environment where science is the wheel of knowledge”.

His degree has provided him with “the scope of knowledge needed to strengthen the initiatives in the country aimed to eliminate transmission of viral tropical infections like Zika, CHIKV and Dengue, now we have a platform where to conduct a state-of-the-art research and good science”. Culminating in the creation of a facility that has theIMTSAG Lab potential to be a leader in research and education in the field of Tropical Medicine & Global Health in the Caribbean region.

Congratulations to Dr Paulino for all his work in the Dominican Republic and we are proud to have you as part of our alumni community!


Images courtesy of Dr Paulino.


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