The UK ME/CFS Biobank Christmas Appeal

The CureME team is launching the UK ME/CFS Biobank Christmas Appeal to:

Release  samples to researchers around the world, searching for the biomarkers of ME/CFS.

Ensure the long-term sustainability of the Biobank as a resource.

The team has a simple mission – to understand ME/CFS.

The UK ME/CFS Biobank (UKMEB) is the first ME/CFS-specific biobank in Europe, and one of the first in the world. It has collected over 30,000 aliquots (small tubes) of blood from patients with ME/CFS and multiple sclerosis (as well as healthy controls), using rigorous and consistent scientific protocols.

The causes of the disease remain unknown, but up to 250,000 people in the UK (and up to 17 million worldwide) have their lives changed by the condition. Despite the impact it has on lives and families, ME/CFS continues to receive little government funding.

Grants received by the UKMEB do not pay for any release costs, so additional money is needed to accelerate the release of samples to scientists.

The UKMEB is committed to patient participation, and ensures that its research is always informed by and for the benefit of people with ME/CFS.

Any funds donated will enable research into ME/CFS in the most cost-effective manner, with collaborating research projects to be chosen by the UKMEB Guardian Board.

Donations of any amount are welcome. All donations directly support the group’s work, helping enhance and expand our research and ensuring project sustainability.

Your gift could cover freezer storage of one set of blood samples for five years (£5), tubes for one blood draw (£10), a set of laboratory blood tests (£50), or medical equipment for clinical measurements (£2,500).

— £10,000 would enable a further blood sample and data release
— £25,000 would enable the release of samples for two or three studies to be conducted
— £40,000 would sustain the UKMEB for 6 months in its entirety

If you are a UK Taxpayer, your kind donation is Gift Aid eligible.

Donations to the UK ME/CFS Biobank Christmas Appeal can be made via JustGiving.

The UKMEB will report back to all donors on the progress of research projects funded by this appeal.

More information about the UKMEB can be found at

Thank you for helping support sustainable ME/CFS research into the future.

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