Introducing LSHTM’s marathon runner

We are thrilled to announce Luis Guerra as LSHTM’s London Marathon runner for 2018! Luis will be running on behalf of the LSHTM Fund, which provides vital scholarships for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to study here.

Read all about Luis and why he wanted to run the 26.2 miles through London to support LSHTM below and please do give what you can to support him through the the next few months of training and the marathon.

Visit Luis’s Virgin Money Giving page

Luis Guerra graduated from LSHTM in 2014 after studying an MSc in Public Health (Health Promotion), he now works as a National Programme Manager on Sexual Health and Mental Health for Public Health England. Some of Luis’ career highlights include helping to develop the national health promotion strategy on HIV Prevention for England, being recognised by the Houses of Parliament as the 2016 Diversity and Inclusion champion of the year for Public Health England and being acknowledged as one of the most impactful LGBT civil servants in England for 2017. Luis also co-authored, alongside a fellow LSHTM student, the suicide prevention toolkit that nurses and GP’s use in England to support the mental health of young LGBT people. One of the projects Luis is most proud of is opening up a LGBT drop-in space for homeless youth in Oakland, California.

Luis remembers his time at LSHTM very fondly, recalling the Ping-Pong Challenges at Tavistock Place and building a rapport and friendship with his professors as some of his best moments at the school. He believes his degree at LSHTM changed everything for him. Although a “degree from LSHTM will not give you a job… it will open you many doors”. At LSHTM he learned the fundamentals of critical thinking, the power of health promotion and the importance of health economics. The connections and his education that he gained from the School continues to shape several of his working relationships.

He provided some key tips for students studying at the School, he suggested that students should be themselves as LSHTM is “one of the most progressive, diverse and inclusive places” he knows. He advised students to “bring their entire self to the school and don’t be afraid to shine”. He commends studying and working on “something that you love and that will help you land that next job”. Luis is currently developing a three-year strategy to make Public England the gold standard on workplace mental health, he also hopes to increase the visibility of Latin American communities in the UK and address health inequalities and access to services.

LSHTM was lucky enough to be granted a place in the 2018 London Marathon, Luis was chosen to run on behalf of the School in aid of the LSHTM Fund (Scholarship Fund). He was previously a keen long distance runner before moving to London to study his MSc and has a great interest in allowing others to study at the school as he did. Luis understands the financial hardship that some students face, especially those that migrate to London to study. He believes being able to provide support to the Scholarship fund would be the best way to give back to an institution that changed his life. He hopes that by supporting the Scholarship fund he will be able to help others have an amazing opportunity to study at LSHTM, an opportunity that he is so grateful for.

To find more about Luis, his journey and to donate visit his Virgin Money Giving Page

You can also track Luis’ training progress here

Images courtesy of Luis Guerra

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