FE Adeniji, Senior Pharmacist and Author

FE Adeniji graduated from the School in 2015 after studying for an MSc in Global Health and Policy by distance learning. Since graduating FE (Funke) has worked for the NHS as a senior pharmacist, written a book about global health titled ‘The Truth About Health Exposed: How to Strategize & Take Control of Your Own Health’, and developed the NGO (non-governmental organisation) WESIE (Women Elite Sports Empowerment Initiative), which she set up prior to studying at the School.

Funke decided to study at the School by distance learning as the course content was “unique and very attractive” especially when compared with other courses elsewhere. She explained that the School has such a rich history that adds an extra element to studying in London. One of her best moments at the School was graduation, as she told us that it really hit home just how privileged she was to have graduated from LSHTM “on the backing of a scholarship”.

As a distance learner Funke faced challenges during her studies as she had limited contact with her lecturers and colleagues. She overcame these challenges by always taking advantage of the webinars offered by module leaders and forming close knit study groups with fellow distance learning students. She formed some great friendships, which continue until today. Funke therefore advises current and new students to make the most of what the School has to offer. She encouraged distance learning students to try to do at least one module at the school to truly experience all that it has to offer.

Funke is highly passionate about her work; a typical day for her includes balancing working in the NHS with managing two professional projects. Studying at the School allowed Funke to expand her view on health, she has used her studies to develop online content about global health, which compliments her book, and enables her reach a younger audience. Through her studies, Funke also came to appreciate the impact of NGO’s. She set up the NGO WESIE to use sports as a health and wellbeing tool using the Millenium (now sustainable) development goals as a guide. The NGO has completed almost 1000 health screens so far and uses the power of sports to run health campaigns alongside their sporting events geared at females. WESIE has successfully run sporting events throughout the troubled South Eastern and Niger Delta areas of Nigeria, educating women about health through sports empowerment. In 2017 WESIE ran a first of its kind basketball street tournament for females in Nigeria, the event featured 12 teams from across the country and allowed women to participate in a sporting event, attend health seminars, and gain access to vital health screening services. Funke is currently developing partnerships in the UK, USA and Nigeria to extend the reach of WESIE.

For more information about WESIE please see visit http://wesieonline.com/

Images Courtesy of FE Adeniji


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