Global Mental Health Alumni Jamboree 2018

Written by Oda Karlsen, MSc Global Mental Health student

Friday 26th October current MSc students, alumni and staff gathered for the annual Global Mental Health Jamboree at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The Rose Room was crowded with cheerful people, enjoying refreshments, nibbles and Global Mental Health bingo.

The 2018/2019 MSc cohort had been looking forward to getting the chance to gain some valuable insight into modules, summer project ideas and PhD application processes from the alumni. One of the current MSc students, Teodora Popnikolova, said ‘’It was a great opportunity to meet MSc GMH graduates, and encouraging to hear how many of them continue in this sector to work to improve mental health in their communities and further afield’’.

It was a great opportunity for exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences. Another student from the 2018/2019 cohort, Mim Etter, commented that ‘’ It was a great opportunity to network with current students and lecturers, and discuss experience ask questions freely, and the fact that it was done in the beginning of the first semester definitely contributes to feeling supported and as a part of a community’’.

More than that, it seemed that the alumni were happy to see each other and reconnect with former classmates in an informal setting.

From the interactive and engaging conversations taking place between the current cohort and alumni, and the light-hearted atmosphere, it seemed a very successful event.

Thank you to the Alumni Office for sponsoring the event, and to staff and students at LSHTM for organising.

You can view the photos from the Global Mental Health Alumni Jamboree 2018 on the Alumni Flickr Page.

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