Alumni Report: Starting the Global Health Society North East

MSc Medical Entomology for Disease Control alumnus, Eliot Hurn is a Foundation Year 2 Doctor at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. Eliot is also Director of Volunteers and Medisense and Founder of Global Health Society North East, a health care professional society aimed at increasing knowledge and building networks around global health in the health care community. In addition to studying an MSc at the School, Eliot also completed a short course for Health in Humanitarian Crises on Future Learn. In this alumni report, Eliot tells us about starting the Global Health Society for the North East.

“I have always had an interest in global health even while I was at medical school. This  grew even more while I was at LSHTM. I found the global health lecture series really interesting and useful, and while I was in London I discovered the John Snow Society which I thought delivered really fascinating lectures on public/global health. I noticed there were a lot of global health societies at universities in the North (Medsin, Friends of MSF, etc) but could not find one for graduated health professionals. I asked around contacts I had from Newcastle University and they felt there was not one. As such, I took a weekend to set up the website, write a few articles that I am drip feeding into the website, and ask around for other articles,which I am getting good response to. Eventually, I am aiming to set up in-person events in various locations throughout the North East ranging from lectures from experts to informal networking coffee meetings. As the website grows I am aiming to try and get a jobs board for global health opportunities as I feel they tend to get disseminated to a specific network of people just through direct contacts which can make it a bit difficult to find opportunities.

“As this is a new society we have yet to have a huge impact, particularly since the management team, funding and everything else is just me at the moment, especially as this is the first time I’ve tried to set something like this up. On the website itself we are happy to be producing our own content from recurring and guest writers. Additionally, we have a page dedicated to guiding people to quality content from other groups or institutions in a number of forms.

“We are pushing hard for novel content that covers the breadth of global health. We have articles about planetary health, and health economics in the pipeline.

We are going to do a series of articles on health and alcohol in November looking at the North East, global alcohol illness levels, and a bit about alcohol and health economics.

“While we are “Global Health North East” we’re open to everybody to participate, read, and submit articles. Our main page is where people can check us out, read our articles, and see what we are about. You can also submit any content you might feel is valuable directly on there, or by dropping us an email at There is also a page there for anyone interested in becoming a more permanent member of the team as either a recurring writer of articles or involved in the management side of things. If anyone is interested in that, again they can go through the website or email me at Finally, we also exist on Facebook and Twitter @globalhealthne.”


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