Alumna Marie-Laure Frelut: New Deputy Chair of the Clinical Committee of the World Federation of Obesity

For this week’s alumni profile we spoke to alumna Marie-Laure Frelut. Marie-Laure is a Paediatrician, a founding member and past president of the European Marie-Laure FrelutChildhood Obesity Group (ECOG) as well as the editor of its first free eBook on Child and Adolescent Obesity. Recently, she has been appointed as Deputy Chair of the Clinical Committee of the World Federation of Obesity.

What did you study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and why?

I studied a Master of Human Nutrition. This was suggested to me by a French colleague, Pr of Tropical Medicine, who had followed the course of Epidemiology while I was working in Central African Republic. I followed his advice because of the quality of the course, the wide range of fields covered, the integration of all within a single year of study and the possibility to discover another way of teaching than in my own University. At that time, I was interested primarily in malnutrition. I shifted to obesity later on, when I went back to Paris.

How has your degree at LSHTM complemented your career?

It allowed me to get a position in a paediatric department of Gastroenterology and Nutrition in a French University hospital in Paris.

Were the relationships you formed at LSHTM useful – in what way?

I did not keep relationships with students from my promotion except with two of them on a friendship basis. However, later on, I had the opportunity to collaborate in the field of Childhood Obesity with some experts and Professors at the LSHTM.

Please summarise how you feel about being appointed to Deputy Chair of the Clinical Committee of the World Federation of Obesity

I feel it as an honour and in continuity to my previous work and position in Europe (I am Past President of the ECOG). It is an exceptional opportunity to share views at international level and spread valid knowledge in a field where there is still much to do.

What do you hope to further achieve in your field in the future?

I would like to enhance the opportunity to share experience and knowledge between different cultures in the field of childhood obesity.  Another aspect is to integrate knowledge about child development and management of obesity/nutritional problems since knowing about nutrition alone is not enough.

What advice do you have for current students?

Enjoy your studies, be curious and try to merge fields in order to get a coherent view of the problem you face. Keep in touch.

Other comments

I very much appreciate being part of the Alumni and being kept aware of the news after so many years.

On behalf of the LSHTM Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Team we would like to congratulate Marie-Laure Frelut on her new appointment!

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