COVID-19 Response Fund

COVID-19 Response Fund

As a response to the global outbreak, LSHTM has set up the COVID-19 Response Fund. This emergency fund enables LSHTM researchers to continue their real time response to the virus, increasing understanding of COVID-19.

Since the start of the year, LSHTM teams have mobilised to help slow the spread and mitigate the impact of the virus. LSHTM staff are uniquely placed to both mount outbreak response efforts and to advise on their mitigation. Working around the clock, our global public health experts provide accurate information and advice to governments, industry and the public around the world, helping to combat misinformation and discrimination. With an expert view of infection control, LSHTM shares knowledge and guidance with live-streamed panel sessions, podcasts, and press interviews.

LSHTM’s mathematical modellers have been mapping the virus since the earliest days of the outbreak. Their insights into patterns of transmission, behavioural response and control measures have been informing the global response to COVID-19. With data and analysis open to collaborations globally, their work helps assess how many hospital beds will be needed, the stress on healthcare systems, and how regional and national communities can prepare.

The COVID-19 Response Fund enables LSHTM to improve their global response efforts and effectively communicate the latest insights, continuing to share knowledge and guidance. You can help us build awareness and support for the fund by sharing our JustGiving page on your social media networks, and with colleagues and friends.

If you’d like to support the fund, you can do by visiting our JustGiving page. American donors can make tax efficient gifts via PayPal on the LSHTM give online page. All donations, large and small, help increase our understanding. Our collective efforts will determine how well we can slow the spread of the virus.

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