Alumni Innovators: Dr Bobbi Pritt

Dr Bobbi Pritt studied MSc Medical Parasitology and DTMH at LSHTM. She now works as a Medical Director of the Clincial Parasitology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA. In this post she describes her experience at LSHTM, what innovation means to her and how she uses innovation in her work.

Why did you decide to study at LSHTM?

I was extremely fortunate to have full Mayo Clinic sponsorship for obtaining specialty training at the school of my choice. Therefore, I did a careful evaluation of the available schools and LSHTM clearly came out on top. I was very impressed with LSHTM’s history, the esteemed professors, and the opportunities available to students. The opportunity to live in London was also very appealing!

How has your degree at LSHTM complemented your career?

My degree and experiences at LSHTM were life-changing. Not only did I gain knowledge and skills that I needed for my future career at Mayo Clinic, but I also formed invaluable connections with experts in the field, and gained cherished friends from across the globe.

What does innovation mean to you?

To me, innovation is to approach problems with a fresh outlook, and not be afraid to ask ‘why’ when told that something must be done in a certain way.  Two of the most valuable skills I learned as a leader were when to challenge the norm and how to do so in a way that maintains relationships and facilitates team-building.

How do you use innovation in your work?

A large component of my job focuses on innovation – creating new laboratory tests for improving patient care, formulating more efficient ways to run the laboratory, and advancing the science in the field of human medical parasitology through research. I love my job – I get to care for patients, carry out research using cutting edge technology, and teach the next generations of parasitologists!

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