COVID-19 Volunteering: Angel Vicario

Angel Vicario (Health Policy, Planning & Financing, 2011) joined our COVID-19 volunteering project. Here, he explains his experience working on several of the projects.

“When I heard about the project the LSHTM was launching, I signed up to participate in this initiative. And there it all started. Nine tasks and several weeks after the launch, the group is providing great results out of the efforts and time of volunteers under the great leadership of Chris Grundy. 

“It has and is being a learning process which I have had to include in my daily routine, but the teamwork has been exceptional. Whenever there was a doubt, a question or anything that was not clear, the group answered. Initially, it was Chris answering from before dawn until way after sunset. As the group established, the activities improved, we got more experienced, some of the volunteers started supporting and contributing not only as passive but also as active members resolving doubts. 

“This team spirit, this cooperation between us has been the key to success and at least for me,  it has pushed me to be willing to go through sleepless hours to support the activities with my time and experience. It has not been easy having to add extra work hours to the COVID-19 newly created daily work-house routine, but it has been worth it. 

“I am proud and thankful to be part of this. It was a great initiative to open the possibility of participating in this data analysis group to the LSHTM alumni. Another strong point is that the power of committed, well-driven efforts can achieve great results.

“Thank you LSHTM for keeping us together and making us part of your initiatives.”

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