What makes you smile about your time at LSHTM

This year, on World Smile Day, we asked you what made you smile about your time at LSHTM. We were overjoyed reading your responses on social media, so this got us thinking! We would love to share your moments about what makes you smile when you think about your time at the School in the upcoming alumni magazine.

It could be anything; a food you would always eat, a song you listened to, a module that you loved, or a memory that makes you laugh. Whatever makes you smile about LSHTM, let us know via emailing alumni@lshtm.ac.uk with your full name, course and memory.

Here are some of the comments we received on social media to give you some inspiration:

“Sitting in one of the comfy seats in the library overlooking the garden.”

“My lab sessions with Prof Clare and the beautiful moments with my fellow students in the refectory.”

“Definitely the bar and my immunology team Professor Paul Kaye – wonderful time in my life will never forget those who worked and still work there.”

“Friends from different parts of the world enjoying the sun in the main entrance of Keppel st., the giant mosquito that used to be in one of the labs, nice staff in the cafeteria.”

“The friends I made for life from all over the world. And finding who I am and what I want from my life.”

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