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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Alison Coulter

Alison Coulter (MSc Public Health, 2004) is the Director of Health Services for Thrive Worldwide. In this post she talks about what her organisation is doing to help people’s well-being during these uncertain times and how her work has changed throughout the pandemic.

How has the COVID-19…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Giovanna Jaramillo Gutierrez

Meet LSHTM alumna Giovanna Jaramillo Gutierrez, Co-Founder and Data Scientist at Milan and Associates SPRL in Barcelona. Also, currently working as a Senior Epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva. Giovanna completed a series of short courses and an MSc in Epidemiology at LSHTM in 2018…

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Luke Kane: Virtual Doctors Volunteering

Dr Luke Kane (Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2014) works as a General Practitioner for the National Health Service and volunteers with Virtual Doctors. In this blog piece he discusses how COVID-19 has affected his work, how he volunteers with Virtual Doctors and how you can get involved…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Mushtaque Chowdhury

Mushtaque Chowdhury (LSHTM PhD, 1986) is the founding Dean James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University and Professor of Population & Family Health, Columbia University. He currently lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been writing articles on how Bangladesh is dealing with COVID-19. Within this blog piece…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Urvashi Prasad

Urvashi Prasad (MSc Public Health in Developing Countries, 2014) currently works as a Public Policy Specialist at the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), Government of India. In this COVID-19 alumni stories post we ask her how she has been responding to the pandemic, how it has affected…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Bukar Zarami

Bukar Zarami, MSc Tropical Medicine and International Health (TMIH) 2012, works as a State Team Lead at Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Nigeria. In this latest COVID-19 alumni stories post, he discusses how his role has changed since the outbreak and what a day in his life currently…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Francesca Viliani

Francesca Viliani studied MSc Public Health in Developing Countries at LSHTM in 2005. She now works as the Director of Public Health and co-head of Sustainability at International SOS. In this post she describes her work promoting the wellbeing of employees and their families at these uncertain times. She…

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Establishing a network of LSHTM staff, students and alumni to support our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The response to the current COVID-19 pandemic has required unprecedented interventions and response globally. LSHTM has a long history of staff, students and alumni supporting outbreaks and emergencies and this one is no different. We are establishing a network of volunteers that can devote small amounts of time to…

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COVID-19 Alumni Stories: Experience of the first six weeks in Iraq

Dr Omran S Habib, MSc Community Health in Developing Countries (1981) and PhD (1985), discusses Iraq’s first six weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak. He describes how the pandemic has affected his work, how LSHTM’s training has aided him and along with other researchers, explains the control strategies…

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A message from Professor Peter Piot

Dear Alumni,

I would like to update you on the situation at LSHTM regarding COVID-19 and to convey to you that we are continuously thinking about our alumni community during these times of uncertainty and anxiety.

Since January, we have been monitoring closely and responding to the COVID-19…

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