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Alumni Profile: Anna Ndiaye

This week’s Alumni Profile features Anna Ndiaye, who graduated from the School in 2013 with a PGCert in Global Health Policy. Anna now works as the Clinical Assessor in Oncology at the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety in France. Anna chose to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine because of its reputation and high standard level courses. Likewise, Anna was also interested in the international dimension of the School that offers a network of alumni from all over the world. During her time at the School, Anna experienced the challenges that can come along with studying by distance learning. Read more

Alumni Profile: Dr John Mark Velasco

Dr Velasco finished his BSc Biology (cum laude), Doctor of Medicine, Masters of Public Health from the University of the Philippines and his post-graduate diploma (2011) and Masters of Science in Clinical Trials (2013) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London. He also has…

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Alumni Profile: Dr Mohsin M Sidat

Dr Sidat from Mozambique studied the MSc in Infectious Diseases by Distance Learning, graduating in 2000. He is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique.

“I decided to study the MSc by Distance Learning because of the prestige of the London School of…

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Alumni Profile: Sven Jungmann

Sven Jungmann graduated from the MSc Public Health by Distance Learning in 2013.  He is currently an MPP Candidate at the University of Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government.
I was 24 years old when I worked in a South African trauma unit as part of my medical studies. One night…

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Sophie Lee Taylor: Seven Volcanoes Project

Sophie Lee Taylor, MSc Public Health by Distance Learning graduate, has undertaken the project of a lifetime in support of Cancer Research… 

“In 2008, life was very different – I was working as a foreign correspondent in China, and fully absorbed in a busy career which was rewarding and challenging in…

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Alumni Profile: Dina Khan

Dina Khan graduated from MSc Public Health by Distance Learning in 2013. Here she talks about her experiences studying for the degree…

“This may sound like a very childish thing to say but really ‘it was my dream’ to gain a Masters (and hopefully, PhD) from the London School of…

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Our New Cape Town Alumni Chapter Coordinator: Tina Sachs

Tina Sachs from Germany studied MSc Public Health by Distance Learning, graduating in 2010.  She is currently Project Manager for clinical trials in multi drug resistant Tuberculosis at TASK applied science. She is also the coordinator for the brand new alumni chapter in Cape Town, South Africa. 

“I decided to…

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Alumni Profile: Jenny Rodger

Jenny Rodger is Project coordinator for the Patterns of Cancer Care for Aboriginal People at Cancer Council.  She studied MSc Environmental Epidemiology & Policy in 2002.  She is also the new coordinator for the brand new Sydney Alumni Chapter.

“I decided to study at the London School of Hygiene &amp…

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Happy 1st Birthday to LSHTM Research Online

It is one year since LSHTM Research Online was launched, and in that time 21,927 records have been imported, of which 3245 have full text papers.

Individual academics and students can set up email alerts based on their interests and will be informed when a new article appears in…

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Free eLearning course on Malnutrition

malnutritionThe London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has a long-standing reputation in advancing knowledge about the prevention and treatment of malnutrition. The ‘Ten Steps’ of treatment were set in motion and developed at the School, and the WHO guidelines for managing severe malnutrition were crafted to a significant extent by School alumni. The International Malnutrition Task Force is also strongly linked with the School and, together with Southampton University, has developed an on-line course which is freely available to train health workers across the world in the management of severe acute malnutrition. Read more