27 October – 2 November 2012

Kara Hanson in the Irish Journal on research to evaluate the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria (AMFm): “Tapping into the private sector distribution chain can have a major influence on which antimalarial treatments are available and their price and quality in just a few months.” The Lancet study (and Comment co-authored by Anne Mills) were also covered by BBC News. 

David Schellenberg tells Associated Press (in Washington Post, Miami Herald and almost 300 other outlets in the US and worldwide) it is too early to judge if AMFm has succeeded following the Lancet study, criticism of the programme and discussions over its future: “More people might be inadequately treated if this program is closed. But this approach will not work everywhere.”

Peter Piot in the Independent on why tackling disease is key to solving global poverty: “By establishing the 8 MDG pillars, we have made them easier to understand, measure and evaluate. But this resulted in oversimplification… The danger is that issues are considered only in isolation. This is not real life.”

Virginia Berridge speaks to FT about Richard Doll, ‘the man who kicked our butts’: “[Richard Doll’s work was part of] the one-nation citizenship idea carried through from the war.”

Punam Mangtani speaks to BBC Asian Network about her research into breast cancer among British Asians (from 02:26 and 03:02): “The mortality rates are not rising for breast cancer but the incidence rates look as though they are going up and going up faster than they are in the general population.”

Catherine Pitt discusses her recent analysis of donor funding for newborns in a Healthy Newborn Network blog.

Research led by Rosa Legood into HPV “test of cure” following pre-cervical cancer treatment covered by Medical Breakthroughs, Science Codex and other online publications.

Tony Fletcher in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel on the final findings of the C8 Science Panel around the health risks of C8 exposure in the Mid-Ohio Valley: “We had to collect a lot of data and it did take a lot of time. We reviewed 40 different diseases. It was a mammoth undertaking.” Covered by various US titles.

Peter Piot speaks to the Lancet about Marleen Temmerman following her recent appointment to a senior position at WHO:  “Her strength is that she can combine the science and the research with politics and policy.”

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