10 – 16 November 2012

Martin McKee speaks to Reuters about calls for a global treaty to stop the lethal trade in fake medicines:  “We hope that this will form the basis for getting some consensus on a definition of counterfeit drugs, which would then be transferable into a legal instrument.” Also covered by more than 70 outlets in the US, Asia and worldwide.

Peter Piot in Science on the appointment of Mark Dybul as executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: “The best candidate has won.”

Eleanor Riley speaks to AFP about the latest results of the RTS,S vaccine study: “These data simply confirm that the vaccine is potentially useful in significantly reducing the risk of malaria, but that it is not the complete solution.” Also covered by more than 300 outlets worldwide.

Brian Greenwood discusses RTS,S on MD-FM.

Martin McKee in Taiwan News on mental health research: “This study tells us that Taiwan’s economic miracle has come at the cost of mental health among its people.”

New research (involving six researchers from the School) into costs of HPV vaccination programmes in schools in Tanzania to prevent cervical cancer featured on specialist outlets including  Science Codex and Medical Express.

BBC News article on new research involving the School into premature births (also in numerous international outlets).

New York Times cites evaluation of AMFm malaria programme by LSHTM team.

The Lancet reports on the latest Global Health Lab on the role of faith-based organisations.

Times Higher Education article on research council income showing the School’s funding increased by 138% in 2011-12 compared with 2010-11.

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