8 – 14 December 2012

Peter Piot and Sandy Cairncross speak to BBC News about the global burden of disease. Also covered by Reuters and numerous titles worldwide.

Brendan Wren in the Guardian on tracking the origins of the UK outbreak of C. Difficile: Since these strains acquired resistance to this frontline antibiotic, not only is it now virtually useless against this organism, but resistance seems to have been a major factor in the continued evolution and persistence of these strains in hospitals and clinical settings.Also BBC News, Daily Mail, Telegraph plus global coverage from Australia to Brunei.

Heidi Stöckl talks to the Independent on Sunday about domestic violence against pregnant women: “It’s a hidden problem because you think of pregnancy as a wonderful time for family and a relationship, but, actually, a lot is changing at that time and violence is much more likely to occur.Antenatal care really is a window of opportunity to intervene and help. Women are more open to receiving help at that time and we can get women at most risk of severe violence.”

Brian Greenwood speaks to NPR about autopsies: “Verbal autopsies give you a broad picture of what’s happening in a community. When you get specific details then people are probably overusing the tool.”

Brian Greenwood News-Medical Thought Leader interview on RTS,S vaccine: “A malaria vaccine that gives 50% protection is not the end of the story and for the longer term we are looking for something better than that. If the RTS,S vaccine does get licensed, all of the studies done so far show that it is safe, and used that will be a major step forward but we are looking for a vaccine that gives more than 50% protection.”

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