15 – 21 December 2012

John Edmunds and Alma Adler speak to Sky News about preliminary findings from the UK Flusurvey: “The data are very preliminary and flu levels are still very low but overall the results suggest that contrary to what we expected to find, there is no such thing as man flu.”Also covered by BBC Radio Ulster (interview at 1h 12m), News Medical, Independent, Huffington Post and numerous titles online.

Martin McKee BMJ blog on gun crime in the United States: Deaths on this scale are a public health issue and there are lessons from other situations where people were dying unnecessarily because of strongly held views devoid of evidence. One is the struggle against smoking.

Heidi Larson tells the New York Times how banning thimerosal could devastate public health efforts in developing countries: “You can’t just pull the plug on something without having a plan for an alternative.”

Heidi Larson speaks to Channel 4 News about the death of nine polio workers in Pakistan and how the World Health Organization should respond: “I think it needs to think about how to do it differently…I know that the idea of integrating and mixing with other interventions has been thought through,  but maybe it needs another look. ” (Interview at 2m 50s)Also covered by the Times, PBS, NPR, New York Times and numerous titles worldwide.

Neil Pearce talks to the RosPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal about epidemiology: “By counting cases and applying statistics, epidemiology can uncover links between disease and hazards even when the mechanisms are unknown…The key feature of epidemiological studies is that they are quantitative (rather than qualitative) observational (rather than experimental) studies of the determinants of disease in human populations (rather than individuals).”

Bilal Avan speaks to Science Daily about new research into post-birth bleeding prevention: “Given the poor health system infrastructure and lack of skilled staff in low resource settings, there is significant potential for the innovative use of technologies or drugs, like misoprostol, for safe home deliveries.”

Port Magazine photo essay on pathogens featuring Graham Clark, Theresa Ward, Nick Dorrell, Kevin Couper, Chris Drakeley, Richard Stabler, Helena Helmby, Matthew Rogers and Sam Alsford. Issue 8 available to buy now.

Jo Lines on Al Jazeera TV discussing the WHO World Malaria Report 2012.

National Institute of Mental Health blog citing the School’s Centre for Global Mental Health. 

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