22 – 28 December 2012

Brian Greenwood on Voice of America discussing issues raised by the World Health Organization’s World Malaria Report 2012: “We do have quite clear evidence that there is resistance to the artemisinins, particularly in Cambodia…It would be a disaster if those parasites got loose in Africa and our main treatment was failing again like it did with chloroquine.” (Interview at 1m 28s)

Heidi Larson speaks to Nature about the future of polio vaccination campaigns after the Pakistan killings: “In the same way that the northern-Nigeria boycott was a game changer, I think this is. I think we have to be thinking much more about embedding polio into some of the [routine] health services, so it’s not sticking its neck out.” Also covered by Dawn.

Alma Adler speaks to the Belfast Telegraph and Northern Echo about Northern Ireland and North-East England topping the festive flu league: “The data are very preliminary and flu levels are still very low but overall the results suggest that the region most affected by flu is Northern Ireland with 19,700 per 100,000.”Also covered by Channel 4 News, Huffington Post and Daily Mail.

Sridhar Venkatapuram speaks to the Brisbane Times following the murder of Professor Gavin Mooney, a health economist at Curtin University: “Huge loss to the world.”

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