29 December 2012 – 4 January 2013

Matt Yeo and Mark Rowland on BBC Nature’s Weirdest Events discussing kissing bugs, chagas disease and how to get botfly out of your body. (At 46m and 56m)

Nick Black speaks to the Press Association about the controversial Health and Social Care Act coming into force: “On April 1st patients won’t notice any great difference in the services available and that they receive. In essence, CCGs will commission care locally instead of PCTs – not that patients have even heard of such bodies. While it is hoped that commissioning has a stronger clinician involvement, the decisions made are unlikely to be strikingly different from the current ones because there isn’t much room to manoeuvre.”

Harry Rutter in International Business Times following a local government proposal to cut the benefits of obese people who do not exercise: “Aside from the obvious moral question, how can anyone possibly think this is a good idea?”

Heidi Larson speaks to BMJ about the complex reasons for the killings of polio workers in Pakistan: “The trouble is that you try to fix one problem and then another one comes up. We need to not only be socially and culturally sensitive but also politically sensitive.” Also covered by The Lancet.

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