29 August – 4 September 2015

Martin McKee writes a blog for Huffington Post about the challenges of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3. The blog is popular on social media, with more than 160 shares on Twitter reaching over 27,500 people: Sustainable Development Goal 3, like all of the other goals, has a lofty aspiration, “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” Words matter, and in this case some words are especially important. First, this is about healthy lives “for all”… Second, this is about improving health “at all ages.””

Virginia Berridge discusses women, drink and drugs on BBC Radio 4 Late Night Woman’s Hour, exploring themes in history about women and intoxication, and how these may be changing: “one of the main themes that there has been in relation to women and drinking, which is that women are not fulfilling their proper role as mothers, and their children are becoming degenerate, and unhealthy, and so on.” 

Hannah Kuper is quoted by South China Morning Post in an article about a recent Human Rights Watch report showing that children with disabilities are often not in education: Many, if not most, disabled children are not enrolled in schools in developing countries.”

Durzaam Nieuws (Netherlands) write about a consortium involving Neil Pearce and other School experts that aims to investigate the high rate of chronic renal failure in sugarcane workers.

STV Glasgow writes about Peek vision, in further coverage of the INDEX:Award 2015 design prize for the smartphone retina adapter, a collaborative project which involves the School.

School experts are involved in a successful ring vaccination trial against Ebola in Guinea, which is extended to Sierra Leone following the country’s first case of the disease in three weeks. The story is reported in outlets including Infection Control Today, Awareness Times, Outbreak News Today, Forex Report Daily and AllAfrica.com.

Research involving the School shows that providing treatment for AIDS may save companies money, following a trial in a South Africa mining company. This is reported by Medical News Today and Health Canal.

The New York Times runs an obituary of alumnus Dr. J. Donald Millar, a physician and former public-health official whose work helped eradicate smallpox in Africa. This also appears in the Orange County Register.

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