3 – 9 December 2016

Rosanna Peeling and Laura Rodrigues are quoted by Science (£), in an article reviewing Zika diagnostics in Brazil. Laura said: “In northeast Brazil, the virus caught everyone by surprise. Now, everybody knows,” and assessing the real risk to pregnant women is difficult because of the difficulty to diagnose Zika – “We don’t have a denominator” said Rosanna.

Martin McKee speaks to the Mail on Sunday on a study linking e-cigarettes to heart disease: “We simply can’t know what their effect will be on health, if used over the long term, because they have not been around long enough. To me, it would be sensible to take a precautionary approach and regulate them as much as possible.”

Val Curtis is quoted by New Scientist (£) on behavioural change in a social environment: “If you have ever walked into a restaurant in a foreign country, you are almost paralysed until you work out what everyone else is doing and copy them.”

Peter Piot is interviewed by SciDev.net at a symposium hosted by the School and the Novartis Foundation aimed at highlighting the burden of chronic diseases: “Non-communicable diseases are becoming the number 1 cause of mortality in Asia and Latin America.” AllAfrica also report from the symposium.

Janet Seeley co-authors a blog for The Conversation on the benefits of male circumcision in preventing HIV in Uganda.

There is continued coverage of Astrid Fletcher’s research into UVB light and near-sightedness including Le Figaro. International Business Times, Hindustan Times and TopSanté also cover the story.

Agnes Becker talks to BioMed Central blog about working in science communication while starting a science art business.

Nigerian Watch report on students Eyenimi Ndimou and Ify Aniebo being shortlisted for Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London’s International Student Innovation Awards 2016. Eyenimi Ndimou said: “Being shortlisted means that my team and I are one step closer to realising our dream of saving millions of new-born lives in Nigeria and many other developing countries.”

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