12 – 18 June 2017

Sally Bloomfield provides comment to The Guardian on the potential contamination of children’s soft play areas: “[Ball pits] will become contaminated in the same way as any environment where there is a large number of children will become contaminated” adding that places with ‘millions of germs’ are often just harmless bacteria.

James Logan explains what Lyme Disease is and how it is spread via ticks for Channel 4’s How to Stay Well.

Forbes reference Harry Rutter’s presentation at the recent European Congress on Obesity which analysed studies showing the scale of the global obesity epidemic.

An Irish Times article on organic food refers to School research which found eating organic food makes no significant difference to consumer health.

Wired Italia investigate the results of the Vaccine Confidence Project which revealed Italy as particularly sceptical of vaccines. The article also includes interactive infographics and maps based on the results.

Martin McKee discusses the impact of a hypothetical ‘no deal’ Brexit on the pharmaceutical industry with the Daily Telegraph (£): “A disorderly Brexit poses serious risks to public health.” Martin also writes for the BMJ blogs summarising the key implications for health following the result of the recent UK general election.

There is further coverage in The Science Times and Asia One of a School study that found male farmers are at a higher risk of contracting ‘monkey malaria’ in Malaysia than other people in their communities.

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