18 – 24 June 2018

Karl Blanchet writes for Thomson Reuters Foundation on why migrant policies in EU countries must change: “We cannot stand here & watch people dying simply because their life is an embarrassment to our politicians.”

Data from the LSHTM Cancer Survival Group, published by Pancreatic Cancer UK, which shows cancer survival for pancreatic cancer is less than half of what has been previously believed, is reported in The Times (£), Daily Telegraph and Pharma Times.

David Mabey provides comment to CNN on the elimination of trachoma in Ghana, the first sub-Saharan country to do so: “The target in all countries is elimination, not eradication, meaning workers are not looking to end the infections altogether, just to make them low enough that’s the issue is not a public health concern.”

There is further coverage of new LSHTM research exploring the emotion of disgust in Esquire (US) and Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany). Val Curtis is quoted by Esquire: “Disgust is a system in the brain that causes us to reject and avoid the things that would have made our ancestors sick.”

Martin McKee writes for New Statesman on why free healthcare at the point of need must remain a policy priority for the UK: “”From this perspective, the question is not ‘can we afford the NHS?’ but ‘can we afford not to have it?’” Martin is also quoted by Huff Post on government suggestions of funding the NHS using a ‘Brexit dividend.’

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