5 – 11 July 2018

NHS at 70

Dina Balabanova joins BBC World Service Radio’s Health Check programme discussing the 70th birthday of the NHS and how it has influenced other health systems around the world.

Martin Gorsky is interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme (from 00h07m50s) reflecting on the creation of the NHS and whether the Service has stuck to its founding principles.


James Logan is quoted by Vogue on why some people maybe more attractive to mosquitoes than others: “The most recent discovery is that we know that [it’s] hereditary.” James also provides his expert advice to the Daily Mail and The Sun on how to avoid being bitten by insects this summer.

Phillippe Mayaud provides comment to CNN International on new guidelines to prevent the STD known as MGen from developing into a superbug: “Information on global rates of MGen are hazy at best…however, he believes that about 3% of the population globally has it.

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