12 – 18 July 2018

Neil Pearce is quoted by BBC News on the announcement of a new study that will examine the possible link between a history of head impacts and neurodegenerative disease in former professional footballers: “We don’t know much about the risks from concussion in football, and we know almost nothing about the long-term effects from heading the ball repeatedly.”

Neil gave an interview with BBC News at Six, with talkSPORT and the Daily Telegraph also reporting the announcement.

Hillary Rono provides comment to BBC News on a new study that found that Kenyan schoolchildren who received eye health screenings using the Peek Vision smartphone app attended more follow-up appointments compared to those who received conventional screening: “This technology will allow people without medical skills to identify the children with problems and link them with doctors like me so they can treat them.” The study results were also covered by Optometry Today and Andrew Bastawrous was interviewed by BBC World Service Radio’s Health Check programme (from 18m17s).

Rachel Lowe is quoted by the Daily Telegraph on new research that could help develop an early warning system to alert Caribbean nations of potential dengue outbreaks using climate data: “If public health decision makers have an advance warning of when and where and epidemic might occur they can focus control on these high-risk areas.”

Simon Cousens provides comment to Reuters on new LSHTM co-led research that demonstrates mass radio campaigns in low-income countries increase under-five consultations for certain diseases: “Pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhoea are three of the biggest killers of children in Sub-Saharan Africa. This research provides evidence that mass media has an important role to play in persuading parents to seek life-saving treatment for children.” Simon is also quoted by CNN International and speaks to BBC World Service Radio’s Newsday programme (from 48m10s).

James Logan provides his expert advice to the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Daily Star on how to avoid insect bites and what to look for if you think you have been bitten.

Val Curtis is quoted by Huff Post on how often to change paddling pool water to keep it hygienic during the hot weather: “Common sense would say that water should be changed and a pool cleaned out if a child has an accident. Also if mosquitoes can be seen breeding in the water [with the appearance of] tiny swimming larva.”

Martin McKee writes for BMJ Blogs on decoding the Brexit white paper and what it might mean for health in the UK.

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