20 – 26 September 2018

A new LSHTM report estimates the conflict in South Sudan has likely led to 383,000 excess deaths in the country’s population since it began in 2013. Lead author Francesco Checchi said: “Humanitarian actors do extremely important work in what is often the most difficult of circumstances. Combatants need to remove any barriers to free, safe movement of these people and supplies across the country.”

The findings were first reported by The Washington Post. The New York Times also cover the report and articles posted by newswires including Reuters, the Associated Press and AFP generate coverage in more than 600 outlets worldwide.

Francesco Checchi is also interviewed by BBC World Service Radio’s flagship Newshour programme: “This report gives voice to those who’ve died & otherwise wouldn’t have made it into any history book.”

Richard White is quoted by the Daily Telegraph on a new study co-authored by LSHTM and led by GSK that suggests for the first time a vaccine could be developed for adults infected with tuberculosis: “The journey towards a new TB vaccine for adults has lasted around 100 years. More research is required, but the results of this ground-breaking study mean there is hope in the search for new effective TB vaccines.”

Heidi Larson provides comment to Vox on a new report in Italy that links austerity measures to lower rates of vaccine coverage: “The vaccine acceptance issues are a bigger piece of the pie than they were historically.”

Martin McKee is quoted by the CNN on new ONS figures that show life expectancy in the UK has stalled for the first time on record: “The problem of increasing deaths is mainly in older people and we are concerned that this has coincided with severe cuts to social care.” Martin McKee is also quoted by the Daily Telegraph and Stephen Evans provides comment on the figures to the BBC.

David Conway speaks to The Times (£) on a new study demonstrating how gene drive tools could eliminate mosquito populations and therefore eradicate malaria: “When using this as an applied tool, I’d say it’s some way away. It’s on the track, but the really major limitation is the spread of this gene in a population.” David’s comments are also published by The Sun.

Punam Mangtani’s work on brucellosis, an infectious disease spread from animals to humans is cited by The Tribune (India).

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