24 – 30 January 2019

Brendan Wren speaks to BBC Breakfast about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how a new five-year action plan from the UK government to control AMR might work. Brendan said: “Many different bacteria are now resistant to many of the antibiotics we use to treat them and the situation is getting worse. This new operational plan is a way to address this problem and it is a good start and great that the UK is taking this lead.” (live link no longer available)

Nason Maani Hessari speaks to CNN about new research that uses emails between Coca-Cola and the CDC (previously published) to show the extent of relationships between industry and public health. Lead author Nason said: “These email exchanges show what appear to be attempts to leverage personal relationships at the CDC to further these goals at the expense of population health. They lead to questions about whether organizations like the CDC should refrain from engaging in partnerships where there is such a potential for conflict of interest.” The study was also covered in Washington Post, Associated Press and Corporate Crime Reporter.

Kimberley Fornace is quoted by The Scientist in an article about how deforestation is linked to changes in disease dynamics, including P. knowlesi, a type of malaria found in forest-dwelling macaques and which can be passed on to humans. Kimberley said: “The evidence we have from this and other studies strongly supports the association between deforestation and P. knowlesi in this setting.”

On social media

This week’s social media highlight comes from the LSHTM twitter account sharing a new Lancet article for World Leprosy Day. Part-funded by LSHTM, the series of photographs and personal stories seeks to develop a positive image of leprosy as a treatable infection, with patients enjoying life and functioning in society.

In addition, following Dixon Chibanda’s highly successful Friendship Bench engagement at Davos, the World Economic Forum tweeted about his related blog as the ‘Best of Davos’.

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