30 June – 27 July 2012

Highlights:  21 –27 July 2012

Independent preview of the 2012 Showcase and the archives of Ronald Ross: “In his notebook he made rough drawings of the cells seen under his microscope which for the first time established malaria was transmitted through the blood-sucking bugs rather than coughing or close…

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2 June – 29 June 2012

Highlights:  23 – 29 June 2012

David Heymann explains to the Daily Mail why health officials will be on high alert throughout the London 2012 Olympics: “People are very effective conduits for disease. Bacteria, viruses and parasites can travel while still in the incubation period. This can range from 12 to…

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28 April – 1 June 2012

Highlights:  26 May – 1 June 2012

Ron Behrens speaks to Metro In Focus about rabies: “The symptoms really are unhelpful because once you have them, it’s a terminal illness.” Also interviewed on BBC Health Check and quoted in Independent, Evening Standard, Mirror, Scotsman and Huffington Post.

Heidi Larson in…

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31 March – 27 April 2012

Highlights:  21 – 27 Apr 2012

Shah Ebrahim, Neil Pearce and Peter Piot in BMJ on the launch of the Centre for Global NCDs: “Those of us who profess different disciplines relevant to non-communicable diseases globally will be able to interact, write papers together, develop teaching programmes together and do…

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25 February – 30 March 2012

Highlights: 24 – 30 Mar 2012

Chris Whitty’s malaria study in the Mirror: “Older age is strongly associated with mortality… Travellers to the Gambia, a popular destination for winter sun, were at particular risk.” Also covered by BootsWebMD and over 30 outlets globally.

Joy Townsend on BBC Radio 4 You…

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28 January – 24 February 2012

Highlights: 18 – 24 Feb 2012

Comments by Peter Piot in The New York Times in a feature on the new executive director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé: “You can’t say ‘no’ to Michel, I was at a conference in Ethiopia in December, and for the first time, I felt I…

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19 December 2011 – 27 January 2012

Highlights: 21 – 27 Jan 2012

New research in Nature by David Horn sheds new light on how sleeping sickness drugs work and raises hope for the development of better treatment: “If we knew how the drugs work, we could perhaps design better ones… this new understanding of how these medications…

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