LSHTM week 2017 – 18-22 September

LSHTM week 2017 will take place 18-22 September (inclusive) and represents an opportunity for School staff and doctoral students to share ideas and strengthen skills.

The week comprises a range of activities – research meetings and symposia, lectures, a number of training sessions, an overseas staff forum, staff meeting, updates from The Gambia, Uganda and Tanzania, as well as an all-School party.

See the schedule here.

LSHTM week party: ‘thank you’ submissions

The all-School party will take place from 4:30 pm on 21 September in the Refectory and South Courtyard. As a way of celebrating our School community we’re asking staff and students to submit short thank you messages to an individual or team who has really made a difference to them in the past year. ‘Thank yous’ can be about anything at all, from excellent teaching to a fantastic PSP service. You can submit your message now using our online form, and they will be displayed at the party.

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