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A Theme: March Newsletter

We are pleased to introduce the first newsletter for the Adolescent and Young People Theme of the MARCH Centre. With this as the first, we are starting to send out regular newsletters that include recently published papers, reports, videos, blogs, other media and upcoming events focusing at adolescent health. We hope this is a useful and interesting way of sharing information around adolescent health within and beyond the MARCH Centre.


Theme Leads
Cicely Marston: cicely.marston@lshtm.ac.uk
Jane Ferguson: Jane.Ferguson@lshtm.ac.uk.
A Theme Student Liaison
Constance Mackworth-Young: Constance.Mackworth-Young1@student.lshtm.ac.uk
A Theme Newsletter Collaborator
Deborah Farmer: Deborah.Farmer@lshtm.ac.ukUPCOMING EVENTSMARCH A-Theme Seminar: Morality and moral messaging in adolescent health. This discursive seminar will examine different aspects of how morals and moral messaging affect work in adolescent health. We will explore how moral concerns help and hinder particular types of interventions, and how our own research and other practices may contribute to changing or reinforcing particular moral positions. The seminar will start with brief presentations by Constance Mackworth-Young and Cicely Marston to trigger the discussion, but the main purpose of the seminar is provide a forum to share experiences and develop ideas in this topic area and all participants will be invited to contribute. These seminars are primarily intended for staff but students are also very welcome.

  • When: Wednesday 16th March. 12.40 – 1.45pm.
  • Where: Jerry Morris B, LSHTM, 15-17 Tavistock Place

Future Event: Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing. LSHTM will co-host (with UCL) a launch event of the Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing. The programme for the day is still under development.

  • When: Tuesday, May 10th
  • Where: Institute of Child Health, University College London


Oral sex, young people, and gendered narratives of reciprocity Read more

Young men who have sex with men’s use of social and sexual media and sex-risk associations: cross-sectional, online survey across four countries Read more

Young people and HIV: A call to action Read more


Transitioning to a Healthy Adulthood: Lessons Learned from Adolescent Girls Living with HIV in Urban Zambia Read more

Global Standards for quality health care services for adolescents Read more


Blog post: The ethics of adolescent-health research in South Africa: how can we work together to achieve a balance between ethics and the national legal framework? Read more

Blog post: a grown-up conversation about children and porn online starts here Read more
View resources for adolescents and mental health through Mental Health Innovation Network Read more

Chiedza’s Song: seen through the eyes of a young woman living with HIV. The film aims to create awareness about HIV and adolescent health issues among communities through drama.

Jane Ferguson, Director of HAYA Research Unit outlines the partnership between HAYA Research Unit, MARCH Centre at LSHTM and Africa Centre for Population Health in KwaZulu Natal. The HAYA Research Unit is funded by a grant from ViiV Healthcare, Positive Action for Adolescents and Positive Action for Girls & Women programmes.


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