Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, and Child Health

Seminar on Morality and Moral Messaging in Adolescent Health

When: Wednesday 16th March. 12.40 – 1.45pm.

Where: Jerry Morris B, LSHTM, 15-17 Tavistock Place


Written by: Constance Mackworth-Young

The MARCH Centre A theme will be holding a seminar next week to discuss ideas around morality and moral messaging in adolescent and young people’s health.

In transition from childhood to adulthood, young people receive multiple messages from a variety of people, which are often heavily laden with moral values, for instance messages around their bodies or sexual relationships. Gender is an important lens through which adolescents experience this moral messaging. These messages and their internalization may have an impact on young people’s views of sexuality, body image and confidence. We are particularly interested in public health messaging.

In the MARCH A theme seminar next week we will discuss some of these ideas, and hear from others about their experience researching and talking about adolescent and young people’s health and the moral under- and overtones in public health messaging and research practices. We will explore how moral concerns shape particular types of interventions and messages, and how our own research and other practices may contribute to changing or reinforcing particular moral positions.

The seminar will start with brief presentations by Cicely Marston, Constance Mackworth-Young and Ford Hickson to trigger the discussion, but the main purpose of the seminar is provide a forum to share experiences and develop ideas in this topic area and all participants will be invited to contribute.


Image Copyright: Sarindi Aryasinghe

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