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MARCH speaks to MSc students at annual Christmas event

By Ninha Silva, MARCH Centre Blog Editor (MSc Public Health Candidate)

MSc students and faculty at the MARCH Centre's 2016 Christmas Event

In case you haven’t heard it yet, MARCH Centre is the new hot topic at LSHTM.

A large number of curious and enthusiastic MSc students attended The Centre Christmas Student Event, organised on the 14th of December 2016.

In what was MARCH Centre’s second event of this academic year, Joy Lawn, the Centre’s director, started by presenting the Centre’s work and aims.

Created in the year of 2010, the work of the Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive and Child Health revolves around three themes: Adolescent & Young People, Births that are Wanted and Safe, and Children that Survive and Thrive. Amidst an attentive audience, the MARCH Senior Leadership Team explained the essence of each theme, not missing the chance to emphasise the importance of collaboration between the different groups.

Students collaboration and communication with the MARCH Centre, was strongly discussed and motivated throughout the event. Students were encouraged to get involved in the Centre’s work and participate in the events organised across the year. Professor Joanna Schellenberg also had a chance to explore what makes a good summer project.

The Centre director also used this opportunity to introduce MARCH’s new student liaisons: Rachel Glogowski, in Theme A; Maura Daly, joining Theme B; Sarah Blackstock, in Theme C; and myself, Ninha Silva, in the role of MARCH Centre’s blog editor. The student liaisons will be providing support to the Centre and to Sarindi Aryasinghe, the Centre’s Research Assistant and Coordinator.

The event was sealed with several group pictures and a lively networking reception, in which students were handed a list of potential summer projects.



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