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By Dr Paul Lokubal

Dr Paul Lokubal is a medical doctor with 7 years’ experience practicing in Uganda. His passion for transforming outcomes in maternal health has led him to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, studying an M.Sc in Public Health for Development.  Here, he recounts…

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30 Years Alumni – An Interview with Dr Vincent Fauveau

By Dr Paul Lokubal, MSc candidate in Public Health for Development

To learn more about thirty years of progress and challenges in maternal and newborn health research, please join us on 30 April for a lecture and panel discussion and to hear more from Dr. Paul Lokubal.

How does one…

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30 years alumni – Dr Isabella Danel

By Lydia Di Stefano, MARCH B Theme student liaison

I called Dr Isabella Danel on her mobile from LSHTM while she was at home in Washington. We had originally planned to Skype, but snow storms in D.C. meant that she was not in her office. I was nervous before…

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