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UK Data Service webinars

UK Data Service

The UK Data Service will be organising a series of introductory webinars relevant to LSHTM staff and students during the next few months. All webinars are free and run from 15.00—16.00 GMT. Read more

Publishing data to accompany your journal articles

Data repositories

A new blog post on publishing data to accompany your journal articles has been published on the LSHTM Library blog…

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Research Data Drop-in Clinic

Date: Monday 23 May 2016
Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Venue: Student Common Room (Outside), LSHTM, Keppel Street, London, WC1E 7HT, UK
Are you struggling with your research data?

The School will be hosting a research data drop-in clinic with experts from the UK Data Service to…

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A year in the life of an RDM Service: Dissemination activities in 2015

For my second blog post on RDM activities, I'll outline the training sessions, workshops and other outputs produced in 2015.  Read more

A year in the life of an RDM Service: How we helped LSHTM researchers in 2015

2015 was a busy year for the RDM Service, with the conclusion of the Wellcome Trust project and the launch of the LSHTM research data repository. For this blog post, I will  reflect upon the changing nature of support request handled by the RDM Service, and report on take-up of LSHTM Data Compass during the first few months since its launch. Read more

Workshop: Enhancing data capture in health research using digital technology

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine will be holding a half-day workshop on new and evolving practices for data capture in health research on the afternoon of November 20th, 2015.

The session will bring together researchers from a range of health-related disciplines to discuss the diverse…

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Research Data Services: Where are we now and what’s next?

The Research Data Service has become a familiar unit within the academic landscape, evolving from embryonic short-term project into a core part of the institution infrastructure. Following the EPSRC May 2015 deadline, many Research Data Services are in a position where they have completed the initial set-up phase and are able to reflect upon the experience gained. On June 30th 2015, the London School held a workshop that bought together RDM Services from a range of institutions to discuss the challenges that they encountered, lessons learnt and plans for the next few years. Slides and recordings for this session are published via Vimeo and Slideshare. Read more

Making use of RDM support requests to inform planning activities

I’ve written previously about the support requests that LSHTM’s RDM Service receives each year. In my first post on this topic I wrote about the decisions that need to be made on defining the boundaries of a support request, while the second explored the themes raised in support requests. For this blog post, I will reflect on how the source of an RDM query and questions raised are informing planning work that is currently taking place. Read more

RDM Support Service – Project Reports

Two project documents have been uploaded to the website:

Stage Plan: Jan – Jun 2015: The Stage Plan describes work to be performed by the RDM Support Service during the next six months.

End Stage Report: July – Dec 2014: A report presented to the RDM Steering Group in December outlining progress…

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Shareable by Design: LSHTM workshop on sharing of heath data

The need to make data available in compliance with funder and journal requirements is a daunting task for many health researchers, but one that must be considered when performing research. On November 12th 2014, the London School held a workshop to discuss disparate expectations for data sharing and emerging best practice in public health. Read more