​Prepare a Data Management Plan for your research funder

A Data Management Plan is a written document that describes data-related activities to be performed during the research process and following its completion. Many research funders expect researchers to prepare a Data Management Plan and submit it as part of their research bid or within the first six months of the project.

LSHTM support

The Research Data Management Service offers a range of support for researchers preparing data management plans for their research. This includes:

  • Funder RDM expectations short guides
    A set of one-page guides are available that outline RDM requirements of Action Medical Research, BBSRC, Cancer Research UK, DFID, the European Commission,  EPSRC, ESRC, Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, MRC, NERC, NHS, NIH, UK Department of Health, World Cancer Research Fund, Wellcome Trust and other research funders.
  • Worked examples
    Full guides and worked examples are available for a small number of research funders. These cover the Medical Research Council, NC3R and Wellcome Trust.
  • Training events
    Regular workshops and drop-in sessions are organised on data management issues. Please consult the Transferrable Skills and Training & Educational Development (TED) calendar for details.
  • One-to-one advice
    The RDM Service provides one-to-one advice on writing data management plans and will provide feedback on your current draft if required. Email researchdatamanagement@lshtm.ac.uk to book an appointment.

Web-based data management planning tools

Traditionally, a researcher will create their Data Management Plan in a word processor, circulate it for comment via email, collect changes, and submit it to the research funder. In recent years, web-based tools have been developed to support researchers preparing their data management plan. These provide features such as funder-specific templates, institution-specific guidance, document sharing and collaboration, and multi-format output.

  • DMPOnline: provides templates for various UK, EU and US research funders, including the ESRC, MRC, Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust, National Science Foundation and others.
  • DMPTool: primarily focuses upon US research funders, including Moore Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and others.

Further Information

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