Prepare a LSHTM Data Management Plan​

A Data Management Plan is a document that describes how research data will be handled during a project and following its completion. Is is often written as part of a research bid or during the first 6 months of funding.

LSHTM Students:

  • MPhil/PhD/DrPH students should prepare a Data Management Plan for inclusion in their Upgrading or Review report as an appendix.
  • MSc students performing research in pursuit of their qualification are not expected to write a Data Management Plan, but may do so if they wish.
LSHTM students should use the LSHTM Data Management Plan template, unless you are externally funded (e.g. by Medical Research Council) and are required to use their template.
Book an appointment: Email to discuss your data management plan with the RDM Service.

LSHTM-led research projects:

  • Public/private funded LSHTM-led research projects that are capturing or creating data must write a Data Management Plan and email it to on confirmation of funding, as stated in the LSHTM Data Management Policy.
  • Projects performing consultancy work, unfunded research, and/or funded for the sole purpose of event organisation are exempt from this requirement.

Projects that have written a data management plan for their funder should email the document to These projects are not required to complete an LSHTM data management plan.

LSHTM-led projects that are not required to use a funder template should use the LSHTM template. This is available in MS Word format and a DMPOnline dynamic web form.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find information on LSHTM requirements for data management plans?
    The School’s data management requirements can be found in the LSHTM Research Data Management Policy.
  2. How long will the LSHTM DM Plan take to complete?
    Most people take 30-60 minutes to complete the LSHTM DM Plan template, depending upon the amount of planning that has already been performed.
  3. I’m not planning to share my research data. Do I need to produce a DM Plan?
    Yes, the document is intended to help you to map your project lifecycle, identify goals and requirements to be met and define the practical steps you will take to achieve these. Data sharing is only a small component of this work.
  4. I’m not sure how to answer a question. Who do I contact for advice?
    Please email for one-to-one advice.

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