Part Five: When It’s Over

*This is the last part of a 5-part mini series on my experience of completing a Summer Project for an MSc in Public Health at the LSHTM (General Stream).

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When It’s Over

111 pharmacies visited, 8 elephants, 10 Thai massages, 22 noodle soups, 15 Pad Thai’s, 5,927 miles, 9,280 words, 60 pages and 66 references cited leads to:

1 Summer Project and 1 MSc of Public Health (results pending).

Every day, I was amazed me to learn about how much I didn’t know. From research application and importance to ethical considerations to HOW BIAS EXISTS IN EVERYTHING, I was thoroughly humbled almost on a daily basis in School

This year, and The School were special. They told us time and time again, that time would fly. That the year would go by in a blur.

But you remember the blur in little sections, like polaroids of moments – the first class in John Snow, the free pencils that I hoarded from the library, Global Health Lecture Series with the Lancet, Monday Nights at ULU, International Woman’s Day Celebration, late night study sessions near the Globe, the day the School opened it’s bar (!), group projects, group meetings and then group therapy sessions (kidding).

I came into this year thinking naively that everyone was going to be similar to me; wanting to improve health-care in humanitarian emergencies. I couldn’t have been more happy to be wrong. And that’s what made this year so special – everyone had found their niche, or what they wanted their niche to be in the world, and in discovering and applying that, they showed something that is absolutely necessary in Public Health: passion.


As I emailed off my Summer Project to be submitted, I thought about the year that was filled with passion, the people I teachers I met who were doing amazing work, and the classmates I met who would be doing incredible things with their lives. This is the next step, I believe, in creating a more equitable planet to live on. One step at a time.

Till the Next Great Adventure,


Group Shot

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