New Year New Term




Time flies. I moved to London from Delhi, India about 4 months ago, but it feels just like yesterday.

I study MA Public Health at LSHTM. Before starting the new term, I would like to write about some of the memorable experiences I have had in the first semester (Sep-Dec 2013).

1) The Library

There is a huge variety of books available in the library not only for my course, but as well for my interests.  At the library, I am able to sit back, relax and have quiet time for myself.

2) Difference education system between medical school and master study

The education system is a bit different from medical school and master study. At medical school, one of the most important thing was memorizing mechanism of a body, procedures of operations and effects of medicines. Hence, study and evaluation are knowledge based. There was no reading or essay for a course. On the other had, at the master study, one of the study objective is improving logical and critical thinking skills. Hence, we have a lot of reading and writing. These difference astonished me for the first term, but I could get used to the new approach towards the study and I could learn a lot. Hope I will be able to do reading and writing essays more effectively next term.

3) Lifestyle Balance

Studying for Medical School in Tokyo, Japan, my schedule was very strict, intense and hectic and I had absolutely no time to spend outside of the library. On the other hand, school life in London is a bit different. London is the perfect city to enjoy life. The entertainment and social life here is exceptional. LSHTM is intense, but a bit more “laidback” – I still find time to enjoy my life. As a dancer, London for me is heaven. I like to unwind watching dance shows around my school every week. I also spend time having dinner with my school colleagues. Talking with people from different backgrounds allows me to have a broader perspective on the global health issues, as well as life.


I hope next term going to be as amazing as the first term.


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