Better Late Than Never… I am becoming an Immunologist XD

So its about time I started blog writing…

Two terms have come and gone and I see myself in a position that I really like!

I’m surrounded by research professionals and friendly vibrant students on a daily basis; this is integral to the LSHTM experience!

I came into the course not knowing what I wanted to get out of it or where I wanted to end up; 6 months in this has significantly changed.

Long story short:

The first 3 months of the course (September to December) – you get a feeling of ‘DeJaVu’, – “have I been here before ?” due to format being so close to undergraduate but this is to ease you in and get everybody up to speed.

After Christmas is where the real hard slog starts, ‘ADVANCED IMMUNOLOGY1/2’ is taxing but its here where I acquired the full appreciation of current/potential research, supervisors and ultimately the value of the Immunology of Infectious diseases course.

In my honest opinion I never thought this course would be so rewarding and I see London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine as my second home… I am slowly but surely becoming an Immunologist! XD





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